Why Here?

Why Here?

Here are just a few reasons why snowbirds, vacationers, investors and retirees love this area over any other: 

* Rated a top destination in the World for Best Places to Retire

* Some of the world’s best weather (330 days of sunshine, average 25 – 27 degree (78 F) temperature on the North Shore)

* Inside the Bay of Banderas is very protected from storms, and summer hurricanes (we are surrounded by mountains and the natural land formation of the Bay pushes storms away from us)

* Easy access: flights, driving, sailing, and cruising

* Relaxed, happy people who love to make new friends (get together to play floor hockey Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, beach volleyball, artisan’s market, play cards, go dancing, Artwalk on Thursdays nights, Monday street market, and much more.)

* Low costs to hold the asset (property taxes typically $100 to $400 per year)

* Between 2 to 5 hour direct flight from most of North America

* Great appreciation potential: Market has been on a downward cycle the last 6 years, and is just starting to pick up now is the time to buy!

* Millions of dollars in infrastructure improvements are being invested: new walkways, two new highways that will cut driving time in half to Gualadajara which will significantly increase this market’s purchasing vacation homes in the Vallarta region

* Tax benefits for having property here

* The most you will ever enjoy an investment with your friends / family :)

* Desirable area that is easy to rent / high demand

* 12 minutes to a movie theatre, 30 minutes to Costco, 20 minutes to Home Depot, 12 minutes + to 4 Walmart’s, 10 minutes to 1 of 2 Sam’s Clubs, 10 – 25 minutes from 3 Marina’s, 10 minutes to 45 minutes from 7 world-class golf courses, and every amenity you could possibly want

* Huge variety of wildlife (400 species of birds, 400 species of butterflies, this bay is where the Humpback whales come to birth their calves, dolphins, endangered giant sea turtles, etc)

* Any activity you could imagine (except for skiing and snow boarding) 😉

* English speaking (lots of Canadians and Americans here) but it still has the charm and fun family oriented culture of Mexico

* Some excellent musicians that perform here (from an award winning artist with 26 albums to flamenco singers, to skilled guys with guitars, to a jazz singer from Vancouver that has her own restaurant and lounge

* Over 40 different community organizations and charities you can participate with if you wish

* There is a real community of people here that care about each other

Hundreds of excellent restaurants, fresh food, artisan’s markets

* Stunning natural beauty with the Sierra Madre Mountain range, beaches, rivers, ocean, Marietta Islands marine park

* No industrial areas: Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit are protecting their clean air and water

* No GMO! Purchase from farmers at the market, grocery stores, order from organic farms that deliver – there is an abundance of fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables at a fraction of the costs in Canada or the USA

These are just a few of the reasons why we love to live here!

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