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We Want Halloween!!!

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Unlike the familiar cry of “Trick or Treat” from the kids in the US or Canada, in Mexico on October 31st, what you hear is “Quieremos Halloween” or “ We want Halloween”!! This year the number of kids in incredible costumes increased significantly and judging from the displays of treats and tricks in the local stores, Halloween is here in Mexico to stay. Since the “real” holiday here has always been the Day of the Dead, on November 2nd, Halloween really didn’t get started here until a few years ago, receiving it’s boost from those children who have spent time north of the border. Now Halloween is as anticipated by youngsters here as it is up there, with the biggest motivation being the huge supply of sweets filling their bags to overflowing. It’s all fun for the kids and their parents and everyone, including the local restaurants and businesses, gets into the festivities. So next year, pull out your favorite costume and join the fun!

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  1. Janet

    on   said 

    I just came upon your posting on July 24, 2015 regarding Halloween. My husband and I and our 4 year Grandaughter will be here on October 31. I know this is not your business and we are not looking for real estate but any info about Halloween in Bucerias/Nuevo Vallarta would be greatly appreciated! I have been told that centro Bucerias is where to go??




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