Request a Buyers Specialist

Request a Buyers Specialist

Working with a Buyers Agent means essentially you have a team of professionals on your side: we work for you and your best interests to help this exciting time in your life be as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

  • You have a professional “on the ground” that knows the area, the market, the people, the real estate laws and industry
  • May have “insider info” about what properties have had issues, what kinds of construction materials are best, how they need to be maintained, typical costs, and much more
  • Knows the issues that can arise and how to protect you
  • Has access to databases of all properties for sale
  • Can show you any properties listed with any realtor in the area
  • Is with you every step of the way letting you know what to expect
  • Informing you about what to look for (and look out for)
  • Comparing properties, knowing what has sold in the area, prices, quality
  • Recommending offers and negotiating
  • Liaising with legal to ensure all necessary work completed in a timely way
  • Provide advice to prevent issues and solve problems
  • Obtain and send necessary info to the lawyers
  • Be with you at the legal closing
  • If you are out of the country when your purchase is finalized, you can designate your agent to take possession of a property on your behalf
  • Provide a helpful “New Owner’s Guide” that includes a directory with information about service providers, area amenities, how to pay your property taxes, set up a bank account, community activities, and more

We are always here for you – even after your purchase – to answer questions, and help your family or friends.

The real estate team includes:

Professional Buyers Agent (who performs all the items above)

Agency Broker (oversees transactions, coordinates the purchase completion)

Administrative Assistant (who can help with a variety of items including helping get your electricity into your name, renovations and furniture, helping you get TV, internet, etc) [$] You would pay a fee to have someone take care of these types of items for you.

Lawyer that works with the Notaries office for the legal purchase of the property (can represent YOUR best interest, review all legal documentation about the property, assist with licenses and permits, and more) [$]

Notary Public – top lawyers appointed by the government of Mexico to make sure the transaction goes according to law (does not represent either the purchaser or the seller – makes sure taxes are collected, payments are completed and up to date, title is registered and free of liens, permits are obtained, and many other tasks) [$]

TOTAL COVERAGE: when we look for a property we look in all the official systems, contact other agents for unadvertised listings, as well as review ‘for sale by owner’ properties.

PICK ONE: We recommend you choose 1 Buyers Agent to work with that you feel comfortable with, and stick with that one. It is a small community, so if there are 5 agents all looking for the same properties for the same client, there is a lot of extra unnecessary work and confusion.

We look forward to working with you!


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