Purchasing for Retirement

Purchasing for Retirement

Retiring in the sunshine? Excellent choice. The Puerto Vallarta area is one of the top areas in the World for you to spend your golden years. NOW is the time you can really enjoy your life! Check out our communities area to learn more about the communities around the Bay that would be most suitable.

Since you will be spending more time here than the vacationers, you will want to consider the following:

* What areas will support your hobbies or interests?

* What areas or developments have people you can make lifelong friends with?

* What budget are you comfortable with for your purchase, and monthly expenses?

* Will you keep a vehicle in Mexico, drive, rent one as needed, or will you need to find a property where you can walk everywhere?

* Are you a City person that needs to be in the thick of the action, or do you prefer a quiet peaceful area where you have the choice of going to the party if you want to go to the party?

* Do you prefer to be supplied with all the services at your fingertips or left to your own devices?

* What community organizations or events would you like to participate with?

* House vs. Condo? What style of property do you prefer? Apartment style living, resort style living (services and amenities), town home, house inside a gated community (security, grounds maintained for you, common amenities), or stand alone house?

* What amenities do you need, or are important to you in the development? Are you OK with stairs or do you need a wheelchair accessible development?

* How will you make the purchase? Mortgage? Home equity line of credit? Cash?

* Is there an exchange rate you need to consider? What option will give you the best available rate?

A Buyers Agent can discuss the pro’s and con’s of each with you: we are happy to help you purchase your dream home and make the process as smooth as possible so you can enjoy your happy retirement!

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