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Debuting in 2011 as Fibra Uno, Mexican Real Estate Investment Trusts have become popular with investors from the US and Canada, as well as Mexico and other countries due to their ability to be able to invest in property without having to actually buy a building or piece of land. Since 2012, other fibras. as the trusts are known in Mexico, include Fibra Hotel and Fibra Inn, which focus on investments in hotel properties and Fibra Macquarie and Terrafina, which involve industry-related properties. With outstanding returns and percentages in the 12% to 15% range, the fibras are exhibiting why they are so attractive to investors throughout the world, recommended by experts who are drawn to the stability as well as the dividends. Promising even more growth within the existing fibras as well as the expectancy of the addition of as many as 20 more in the next 5 years, these trusts part of the overall plan of the Mexican government to boost the attractiveness of the Mexican economy and stock market.

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