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A small fishing village with a state-of-the-art marina, La Cruz is known for its relaxed lifestyle. Nestled just around the corner of the Bay of Banderas, La Cruz offers restaurants, nightlife, or space to just relax.


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Property Type: Land
Community: La Cruz Centro
Description: Lote Pontoque is a unique lot located in the North Corridor towards Punta M...
Listing ID: 10724
Last Updated: July - 25 - 2017
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Property Type: Houses
# of Bedrooms: 5
# of Bathrooms: 6
Square Footage: 6202.71
Community: Monte Calvario
Description: Proyecto Quinta del Encanto-Unique Villa(s) concept(5 lots). By prominent a...
Listing ID: 11458
Last Updated: July - 24 - 2017
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Property Type: Condos
# of Bedrooms: 2
# of Bathrooms: 2
Square Footage: 1391.05
Year Built: 2010
Community: La Cruz Centro
Description: This is another beautiful central two bedroom condo on Borneo building, the...
Listing ID: 10512
Last Updated: July - 21 - 2017
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Property Type: Houses
# of Bedrooms: 3
# of Bathrooms: 3
Square Footage: 3148.48
Year Built: 1998
Community: Pelicanos
Description: Beautiful villa in the renown development of Punta Pelicanos, a beach-front...
Listing ID: 8805
Last Updated: July - 19 - 2017
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Property Type: Land
Community: La Cruz Centro
Description: Lot for sale! Land within the B Nayar subdivision, which offers to each ...
Listing ID: 11527
Last Updated: July - 19 - 2017
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Property Type: Houses
# of Bedrooms: 3
# of Bathrooms: 4
Square Footage: 5397.86
Community: Pelicanos
Description: Beautiful new ocean 3-bedroom villa, located at Vallarta Gardens, one of th...
Listing ID: 11476
Last Updated: July - 13 - 2017
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Property Type: Condos
# of Bedrooms: 2
# of Bathrooms: 2
Square Footage: 1317.67
Community: Real del Mar
Description: Panoramic ocean and marina views, surrounded by nature, excellent amenities...
Listing ID: 11472
Last Updated: July - 12 - 2017
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Property Type: Houses
# of Bedrooms: 4
# of Bathrooms: 5
Square Footage: 5530.64
Year Built: 2007
Community: El Tizate
Description: Spectacular Beachfront home with magnificent bay views. A custom home with...
Listing ID: 10890
Last Updated: July - 11 - 2017
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Property Type: Houses
# of Bedrooms: 5
# of Bathrooms: 5
Square Footage: 7293.77
Year Built: 2005
Community: Real del Mar
Description: Nestled among the lavish estates and lush gardens of Puerto Vallarta's excl...
Listing ID: 10524
Last Updated: July - 04 - 2017
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Property Type: Houses
# of Bedrooms: 5
# of Bathrooms: 3
Square Footage: 1753.88
Year Built: 2004
Community: Nuevo Era
Description: Home for sale in La Cruz de huanacaxtle, Riviera Nayarit. Features 5 bedro...
Listing ID: 11421
Last Updated: July - 03 - 2017

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  • Luxury Beachfront condo

    Risco 2 is a spacious three-bedroom plus studio/den, three-bath, beachfront condo in between Bucerias and La Cruz, that has been luxuriously upgraded throughout. It flows and feels like a private villa with three terraces and a private infinity dipping pool on the main terrace. The kitchen is a gourmet´s dream with Italian hardwood cabinets and granite counter tops. The open dining/living area flows out onto the terrace, perfect for entertaining or relaxing quietly. The studio/den is perfect for television watching without disturbing others. The master suite also opens onto its own terrace area, roomy enough for comfortable lounging with a panoramic view of the bay all the way to Puerto Vallarta. This beachfront condo has one guest bedroom with third terrace addition, with private entrance and walkway to one of the common pools and beach.

  • Life in Riviera Nayarit – Moving to Mexico bgpha_skylineview

    My husband and I are Canadians that moved to Mexico about 7 years ago. That wasn’t the plan. In fact, if you told me 10 years ago that I’d be living in Mexico I would have laughed and said “yeah right!” The short version is we came here, we liked it, we came back and spent a few weeks here, and totally fell in love with Riviera Nayarit. We explored, we frolicked on the beach, we snorkelled in warm water, we revelled the sunshine every single day, we met interesting friendly people, we shopped and loved that our dollar went farther in pesos, we ate delicious local fresh fruit and vegetables, we had impromptu drinks with neighbours, and new friends called us to join them going to this restaurant for dinner, that place for dancing. It felt good being in the sun every day, seeing people here that are happy no matter what assets they have, and families having fun together. Living in Mexico for a short while was a huge contrast to how our life had become in Canada: a routine of work, work, work, go home, eat, watch some TV, go to bed. Everyone was busy, stressed out, glued to their phones/ipads, etc, and we felt we no longer really enjoyed our lives. We decided to come back to Riviera Nayarit and try to spend 2 months a year escaping the damp, dark, dreary winter weather. We had no idea how we were going to make it happen (work, dogs, family, house, life) but we decided where there is a will, there is a way.

    The more time we spent here, the more we loved it and then one day we realized that our cost of living was about 1/3 of what we were paying in Canada, so it actually made more sense to have Mexico as our home base and visit Canada, than the other way around. I called my family and said “We’re moving to Mexico!”

    I expected some culture shock moving to Mexico and I wasn’t disappointed, but what surprised me was the similarities of life on the Northern West coast vs the West coast much further South. We live in Bucerias which is about 20 minutes from the Puerto Vallarta airport, so this region caters more to tourists / foreigners than other areas of Mexico (excellent hospitals, English speaking people, services), but you still know you are in Mexico.

    When I first arrived in Mexico, I knew about 10 words in Spanish (please, thank you, where is the bathroom – the basics). Fortunately almost everyone in Riviera Nayarit speaks at least some English. I had read a little about the country and seen a few movies. I was shocked at the variety Mexico offers (deserts to swampland, mountains to ocean and jungles, villages to massive cities with millions of people).  Although I love different cultures, languages, trying new foods and going on adventures, after a while it’s also nice to have some of the comforts we enjoyed in Canada.
    In the Riviera Nayarit area I was surprised and delighted to discover:
    1. I hear American and Canadian popular songs in English on the radio.
    2. There are shopping malls with brand names! There is Home Depot (Canadians will rejoice), Costco, and yes Walmart (several of them in fact). We like to support the local farmers and suppliers but sometimes you just need to go to Costco or Walmart.
    3. There are nice theaters with movies in English for about $4 dollars (same ones you pay $13 for in Canada)
    4. You can actually get an amazing steak, really good burger, excellent French cuisine, Italian food, Japanese food, etc. in addition to wonderful Mexican food (who doesn’t love variety?). It’s silly, but before I spent time in Mexico I thought almost all of the food served was, well…Mexican. Having the International airport and Puerto Vallarta nearby attracts more of an International pallet, and there are many, many amazing chef’s and restaurants, several of which have earned top awards.
    5. The sun shines nearly every single day! People told me there was great weather but experiencing sunshine day after day after day after day is amazing! Bucerias sees about 330 days of sunshine per year. Seriously. Yes I am serious. No it’s not a desert, it’s tropical! So amazing.
    6. Property taxes on an average condo or house here are  $200 dollars a year or less!
    7. You CAN own property in Mexico! In fact many Canadians and Americans do own property here. When I first moved to Mexico we rented from people that lived 20 minutes from where we grew up in Canada! A neighbour was from my home town!
    8. I’ve found it seems to be actually much easier to make friends in Riviera Nayarit than in Canada. How well do you know your neighbours? Here everyone is outside enjoying the sun, relaxing by the pool, inviting you over for a BBQ or join them to go salsa dancing. Since many people here are either retired, or on a winter vacation, or enjoy the Mexican way of life of working hard and then going out to have fun with family and friends almost every person I’ve met is open and friendly, welcoming new people.
    9. Moving to Mexico was surprisingly easy compared to trying to move to other countries. You can live in Mexico for up to 6 months without doing anything additional. If you want to be here for longer than 6 months at a time, you apply for a residency visa. Applying for a visa in Mexico is essentially like applying for your passport: you send in an application, some photos, some supporting documents and pay your fee. It can take a month or two and then you travel to Mexico and are issued your visa.
     10. Real estate costs typically much less. You can have a decent 3 bedroom townhouse in a gated community with a swimming pool, gardens, 24-7 security/doormen a 10 minute walk to the beach, restaurants and shopping for about 120K USD – including furniture. Monthly fees are about $80 dollars. Taxes are less than $100 dollars a YEAR. Yes. A YEAR.
    Of course there is swimming with dolphins, whale watching humpback whales, rescuing endangered sea turtles, 300 species of butterflies, beach volleyball, soccer, stand up paddle boarding, sailing, golfing, fishing and many more fun activities that I love, but I expected that from Mexico.
    Moving to Mexico was a different experience from vacationing at resorts. I loved experiencing the communities of people from all over different areas of Mexico, Canada, the USA, and Europe. I find the Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta region the “happy medium” between Canada and being in a foreign country: we enjoy the Mexican culture, the gorgeous weather, stunning natural beauty of the landscape, flora and fauna, and of course the lowest cost of living. We also enjoy stable government and banking systems, highways, airports, shopping etc.
    What are some of the things that surprised or delighted you about life in Riviera Nayarit? We’d love to hear from you, and are always happy to answer questions.
  • Alamar – Oceanview Luxury JYS79Py3c2QZ3cLlbOUYBB8Ui1iqXKJpSKj52kB8vCs

    Alamar…a residence that you are proud of, a place you want to be! Just outside La Cruz de Huanacaxtle lies Alamar, overlooking the bay from the hillsides above, with views of the ocean to the front and the lush jungle behind. The development has more than you could ever dream of, with a luxurious beach club, state-of-the-art gymnasium, jungle club with infinity pools and play areas, paddle tennis courts, world class restaurant overlooking the beach and the ocean, and more, more, more! Come explore and never leave!

  • TorrePacifica Residences _1NujLhqmRLtNuU2QyNP9OhhCrj7R4ga010HMUFrmY0

    Overlooking the world class marina of Riviera Nayarit and the quaint rustic fishing village of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, the new TorrePacifica condominiums offers excellence and luxury in a close-to-everything setting. With spacious rooms with balconies overlooking the ocean and marina, these condominiums are finished with the best of materials, marble, granite and glass features abounding. With numerous floor plans available, you can choose from the units still available that look down on the infinity pool overlooking the Bay of Banderas and the jacuzzi area with bar and gym attached.

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  • BNayar Residences b classy 02

    Choose your style of life at BNayar! From condominiums to villas, fractional to full-time ownership, B Nayar offers you the choice to create your life in Mexico as you want. Offering beachfront elegance with features and amenities you expect and more, not just a beach club and expansive swimming pools, but private lounging areas and a beautiful restaurant, not just a spa and gymnasium but a childrens club and tennis courts and even gamerooms. At the luxurious beach club your choices expand to include ocean kayakings, yacht rental services and jetskis.
    The villas offer privacy and ocean views, the condominiums are expansive and include the finest finishings and spaciousness abounding. Nestled in the curve of the bay between Bucerias and La Cruz de Huanacaxtle you have the world of Riviera Nayarit at your fingertips with world-class golf, sport fishing and the Marina Nayarit and more. Come and see and experience the life you want to choose at B Nayar.

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