Financing Options

Financing Options


There are a variety of options for financing your real estate purchase in Mexico. Here are the most common:

  1. A) USD mortgage starting at 9% (most properties in Mexico are sold in USD, can be Canadian and get a USD mortgage). Typically want to see 40% down, 60% mortgaged. If you put more down, your rate may be lowered. Put less down and interest rate goes up. Credit score should be 680 or higher.
  2. B) Mexican peso loan starting at around 10%
  3. C) Developer or owner financing: varies per development / owner. Ranges from 6% interest and 40% down, 60% carried for up to 4 years at libor + 5% (around 9-10%).  Typically no application fees, no pre-payment penalties. The best deals are obtained by cash buyers since owners selling now are selling because they need the money.
  4. Get a Home Equity Line of Credit from a residence you own in your home country. This typically gives you the lowest rates and fees.

Your Agent can assist you with financing options tailored to your needs. Our financing partners offer a variety of lending options to suit whether you are purchasing or refinancing or need cash-out equity. Our Mexico mortgage programs include 25 year terms with as little as 25% down, and our mortgage banking resources can handle loans up to five million dollars for real estate transactions throughout Mexico.

Our financing partners offer the widest portfolio of lending products Mexico has to offer.

Here are a  variety of loan programs with some of the basics of each outlined below.

Ø Residential purchase / refinance
25yr loans starting at 8.5%

Ø Cash out refinance
Clients can now cash out 50% of appraised value with a maximum loan
amount is $1,000,000
15/20/25/30 yr adjustable and fixed rate loans with rates from 9%

Ø Construction
Our financing partners are now lending at 65% Loan to Value utilizing the land as collateral. Rates   from 8.5% with approved builders. Construction to permanent loan with a 1  time close and no max loan amount.

Ø Raw Land Financing
Available to US and Canadian citizens
40% down
15yr note with rates from 8.5%

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